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  1. Hannah says:

    Mrs Isik, the work given to us was very fun and interesting. I’d like to do something like this again, for example: the work we did on balanced arguments, an encounter with a Dragon, Capital Punishment and so on.

    • Ms Isik says:

      That’s great to hear Hannah! How about writing a book review?
      There is also the “100 Word Challenge” – every week children from all over the country take part in this. You’re given a prompt and you have to write about it using only 100 words! (very hard!) Here is their website with more details Do you think our school should take part too? Do you think you could get a post onto their ‘showcase’? 🙂

  2. Mrs Easton says:

    Mrs Isik,
    I haven’t heard about the ‘100 word challenge’ before. What a great idea!

    It would also be good if we could get some of the children at St Paul’s School in Weymouth blogging and responding to our pupils.

  3. Hannah says:

    Thank you Ms Isik, I would really like to do a book review on the material I am reading now. Could you set up some rules as to what you want us to include in the book review as a guide or are you looking for a general review like what we do in class?
    I am also looking forward to trying out the “100 Word Challenge” you have suggested and hopefully I will win! If the “100 Word Challenge” was introduced to our school, I think it would assist children in producing outstanding work within a certain amount of time.

  4. Ruby says:

    ms isik how do we know if we are in the show case?

  5. Ruby says:

    Ms Isik, some posts have passwords on it. why is that because otherwise i cantys read the post. 🙁

  6. Isaac says:

    Hi Kelsi, if problem persists update Adobe Flash/Shockwave player to see rich flash content….

  7. EMMANUELLA says:

    futher on please remind her to

  8. Ainsley.A says:

    I like how you are trying to influence parents into sending their children to the school.Well done!

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