The 100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge is a weekly writing challenge for children under 16 years of age. Children from all over the world take part every week!!

Every Wednesday, a new prompt is given on the 100 Word Challenge website – it could be a picture, a sentence orĀ  even just a word. You then have to write a piece using up to 100 words only.

Entries are published on the 100 Word Challenge website so other people can read your writing, and you can go and read other people’s entries too! Every week, the best posts are chosen to be in the Showcase.

The teachers will try to post the prompt on our blog every week. All you have to do is to post your writing on your class blog: remember, it must be 100 words MAXIMUM!

Visit the 100 Word Challenge website here:

Good luck!

19 Responses to 100 Word Challenge

  1. Teah says:

    i think kelsis’ word challenge was very thought about and was good well done kelsi

  2. Kelsi1 says:

    thank u teah

  3. Kelsi1 says:

    please leave a comment if there is anything I can change or make it sound more intersting

  4. chidera says:

    Kelsi, I don’t think u need to change any think it’s fine as it is.

  5. rashad says:

    Well to be honest it ink the 100 word cvhaloenge can relay develop some understanding of spelling. It also helps you with your writing

  6. appij says:

    it was good

  7. Daniel.m and jelani says:

    cool its the best

  8. joelle says:

    this is realy nice

  9. engasie says:

    It was nice Kelsi

  10. emmanuel says:


  11. emmanuel says:


  12. emmanuel says:


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